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Discover the full potential of your commercial building

Much like renting, selling commercial space can be complex without expert help. At first glance, your premises may appear to meet a very specific need, but our experienced brokers recognize the potential of each building and thus discover new opportunities. The role of our brokers is not only displaying your property but also offering solutions to potential buyers. Whether it is at the level of optimization or the consideration of a new concept of commercial space for their business, our experts bring out the best in your property. This capacity represents a key element in terms of sales lead time. Sell ​​your commercial space in record time with KWC Montreal.

A profitable sale

The success of a commercial sale is not all about the time to sell. Selling at the starting price is one of our main objectives. How to increase the perceived value of your commercial building? Do business with a commercial real estate broker. This will bring out the best in your property to make it a profitable transaction.

Carefree after-sales

Like any real estate sale, there are precautions to take to avoid any problems after the sale. Thanks to their expertise, our brokers provide security at this level. We make sure that all failures related to the building are declared. Please note, these are not all defects but only those that would be considered a hidden defect by law. Many criteria come into play. Hence the importance of consulting a broker who is expert in the sale of commercial real estate.