Marketing your commercial space for rental is a complex task. Finding a tenant for a commercial space that meets very specific needs requires a good strategy. With a team of the best commercial rental brokers, you will be able to accomplish your marketing goals.

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Rental of your commercial building : negotiation of clauses

Renting out your space is a process that without the help of an expert can give you a lot of difficulty. Often times, a broker represents the buyer, so if you don't have the knowledge in this area it can get expensive. Before signing the lease, agreements will be made on several aspects which means that one must inevitably enter into the negotiation phase with the buyer. Some details require special attention such as :
  • delivery clauses
  • usage clauses
  • clauses concerning maintenance and repair
  • exclusivity clause

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As a landlord you have obligations and we make sure they are met for your own benefit. On the other hand, we inform you of the tenant's obligations towards the commercial space. Experienced with commercial leases, KWC is the perfect intermediary to ensure an optimal agreement for any building owner.

Things to know about a commercial lease

  • Several types of leases : Gross lease, net lease, double net lease and triple net lease
  • Usually concluded for a period of 3 to 10 years
  • Commonly added renewal option
  • Not under the jurisdiction of the Régie du Logement


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